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A welcoming environment where the dominant female is the Queen of the event and in a safe and harassment free space. Submissives can enjoy an evening of respectfully admiring and being in the company of Dominant Women. Play may or may not be negotiated or happen, but that is not the reason for this event.


It is a place where dominant females and their admirers can go for an evening where the dynamics of the room are set before you even walk in. Mistress Storm hosts and will be in attendance at each of Her events and if you’ve ever attended one in the past, you will agree that it is like no other event in the city. Whether it be a casual play party, a CFnm event or a themed holiday event, the same warm and inviting atmosphere will be there for each and every one.


A wide array of play styles are permitted as long as it follows the house rules of Studio Max. Usually one or two scenes will make the room go quiet, but that is part of the magic of this event.

A members-only BDSM private play-party for the joy and entertainment of empowered women and for submissives to be adored for the wonderful little play things that they are!

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