Welcome slaves and submissives!

Welcome to my dungeon. A place with me, where you can explore your darkest fantasies and let go of all that was and all that will be. A place where you can surrender and relax knowing Mistress will be in complete control. There will be nothing for you to be concerned about, other than My pleasure. 

Entertain me. Feed into my love of men yearning to be pretty sissies wearing tight pink lace panties,  colourful and sparkly little house-pets who just want to be loved and disciplined, pain whores who love to watch my sadistical side emerge, and humiliation pigs who do nothing but beg for the sufferings that come their way.

There are many ways you can please me. Your imagination is your only limitation!

Be warned however...I am not easy to please. I have high expectations. If you do not meet them the first time, there will be no second time. Put a smile on my face and you may stay. Anything else will lead to your immediate dismissal.

I will only respond to serious inquiries and at my convenience.


A deposit is required to reserve an appoinment. Upon receipt of the deposit, the address and further instructions will be released. If I am NOT informed of cancellations within at least 24 hours prior to scheduled session, I keep the deposit for the inconvenience bestowed upon me and cancel the appointment. Those that DO inform me within 24 hours of scheduled session, may carry their deposit over to the next appointment. 

*Deposits must be received in full, before session time will be reserved. 



 -$300 for the first hour. ($50 deposit)

 -$350 for 90 minutes - recommended. ($50 deposit)

 -$500 for 2 hours. ($100 deposit)

 -$200 for each additional hour over a 2 hour minimum.

Live sessions only! Online sessions are not an option with me.